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these two are the actual worst - if you asked me to list the people who cause me the most stress the list would be: - 1. everyone who calls my office - 2. calum - 3. luke - CAKE - 5sos - q -

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a truly iconic moment - 1dday - 1d - q -


she cAN speak FRENCH i think shes fluent 

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oh my god - OH MY GOD??? - hell no - luke - 5sos - q -

Y’all I miss everyone I need my internet to get fixed

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mobile blogging is a curse and I'm running out of data - personal stuff -

When Liam takes Louis’ mic, Niall comes to his rescue :D | 16.8.14

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i was too far away to see properly what was happening and now im wrecked - nouis - 1d - wwa - q -

@Calum5sos Two years ago I stole a shirt from ashton. I am wearing that shirt today. Hehe

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noooo they're so cute - cashton - 5sos - q -

I hate this being on hiatus business bc I feel like I’m missing a lot of stuff but also I am terrible at moving and need to not be distracted also we don’t have internet

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booooo - personal stuff -

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woah - that's - that's a lot - luke - 5sos - q -


a thrilling saga

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THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT JAN - still my favorite - dylan o'brien - twitter - q -

By the way I’ll be on hiatus for a couple days I’m moving thanks love you guys

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IM DRUNK MOVING AMEN - personal stuff -


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drop-deaddream -
one direction - TAKE ME HOME[deluxe edition] - first lines [insp

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1d - q -

my roommate and i set up our internet god bless

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THIS FILM RUINED MY LIFE - personal stuff - tsnnostalgianet - sup guys -



Chris Evans at the US Open

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aesthetic - PASTEL BRO - chris evans -


girls don’t want boys girls want deaf clint barton to be incorporated into the mcu

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ME ME ME ME - this is the realest and truest shit - clint barton - marvel -